Bringing Together People, Places, Purpose. A Legacy That Runs Deep. 

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Bringing together People, Places, Purpose. A legacy that runs deep.

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A Meaningful History

Building Community

At Elton Development, we know that the success of a project is deeply tied to the vitality of life between the walls. Just ask our President, Aaron Elton.

Growing up, Aaron watched his father, Mike, help revolutionize the senior housing industry with his business partners. Creating a more social, active, and engaging senior living experience, Holiday Retirement became the gold standard for independent living. In his youth, Aaron often joined his father on land-finding trips to grow the Holiday brand. What stood out to Aaron most was the unifying sense of belonging and kinship achieved within each of their communities.

So when the time came to establish Elton Development, Aaron knew that community had to be at the center of his business. With this in mind, it is our mission to carry on the legacy of thriving community by focusing on what’s important: People. Places. Purpose.


developing people

At Elton Development, we believe great people
build great places.

That’s why we hire and partner with talented, hard-working individuals dedicated to fostering a shared sense of belonging. 

By prioritizing our team and partnerships, that sense of belonging extends externally to our developments — improving the quality of our work and the end result for those who enjoy our spaces.


pursuing better places

To us, “better places” means innovative spaces that activate healthy lifestyles, community, and sustainability.

Whether we’re creating inspiring places for fitness and passion pursuits, or fostering community engagement via thoughtful shared spaces, we want our developments full of life. We also prioritize healthful living through carbon-conscious building features and wellness-focused amenities.


Supporting a Lasting Purpose Through Intentional Giving

Our purpose is simple: Help people connect and thrive.

Along with our company’s internal goals and actions, we practice intentional giving to support community-focused philanthropic initiatives. Each organization we work with is deeply personal to our individual lives and the communities we belong to, both in and outside of work.

Elton Development

Partner with us

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